Kottayam: Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar said that from now on the paddy fields at Metran Kayal can only be used for paddy cultivation.

He also urged the farmers to avoid the banks that do not support the interests of the farmers.

After an extensive visit of the controversial Metran Kayal area, Sunil Kumar inaugurated the sowing ceremony of paddy farming here. The company that first disapproved the farming here has now agreed for the same and now there is nothing to worry about farming, he added.

Sunil Kumar also said that the ownership issues of Metran Kayal need not be mixed with farming.

He also said that it is decided to withdraw all the association of Agricultural department with SBI that disagreed to the agreement between government and the bank consortium on the procurement price payment to farmers within three-day limit.

There is nothing to worry, new bank accounts can be taken at banks that signed the agreement, he said.

Sunil Kumar also said that from next year onwards Rs 1000 royalty will be paid to the owners of the farmland cultivating paddy.