Many of the beginners in farming start with long beans or asparagus beans as the first crop in their garden. This crop is not only easy to raise but gives a good yield too.  A few long beans plants in the garden will help the family to have a healthy addition to their meal.

The only requirement is that we have to take care of the plants regularly and even children can start farming long beans.

While selecting the seeds, choose the fully grown beans from healthy plants. Dry the beans under sun and keep them for sowing. The seeds can be sown in grow bags or pots. If you are sowing seeds in the soil directly, find a place where sunlight is available. Dig a small hole in the soil with your finger and sow 1-2 seeds in each holes.

Sowing seeds in rows will be helpful to make a trellis, when they grow further. Within 3-4 days, tender leaves will sprout. Don’t forget to water the plants after the leaves are sprouted. In case of severe heat, water the plants in morning and evening.

Once the creeper grows, give it a support without damaging the plant. While making the trellis, give enough space to move inside of it and to pick the beans easily.

Use cow dung, cow dung powder, goat manure or egg shell powder as fertilizer once in a week. Some butterflies lay eggs on the leaves. Kill its worms found in the leaves, which may destroy the plant otherwise. We can use neem oil mixture as pesticide.