Rajakkad: When flowers and vegetables are being largely imported from Tamil Nadu, a group of Kudumbasree members has made a remarkable achievement in flower farming at Rajakkadu.

Nine women under CDS of Kudumbasree has cultivated Marigold flowers in half an acre of land ahead of Onam. The team under the leadership of Rajakkadu panchayat president Sathy Kunjumon has started the cultivation to sell flowers in Onam market.

They have started harvesting before Onam and sold out many kilograms of flowers in Onam Market. As the demand decreased after Onam, they have started to export flowers to Tamil Nadu.

As of now, flowers harvested for five times. Many plants have bloomed in the garden.

The Kudumbasree members have earned a profit of Rs 50,000 from the farming which has an expenditure below Rs 10,000.

“Flower farming is not being practiced in high ranges. So we have started it as a pilot project. But we have successfully earned profit out of it,” said CDS Chairperson Suja Vijayan.

Flower farming is the best business to earn more profit with less expenditure.