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vegetable garden challenge

Trending lockdown challenge; make a vegetable garden at home

Thodupuzha: When many people are stuck in their houses during the coronavirus prevention ..

Butter beans
Butter beans has no buyers in Kerala, huge demand in other states
Ber apple
Good for diabetic patients, 'Apple Ber' can be grown on terrace too
Onion price hike never scares this farmer

Grow 10 papaya plants to earn Rs 15,000 per month

If you have 10 papaya plants at home, Rs 15,000 can be earned every month. As papaya is nutrient-rich and is used as an ingredient ..


Try a mini pineapple plant for indoor-outdoor gardens

Pineapple can be grown in high ranges, villages and orchards. If we could plant a little pineapple plant in a flowerpot, it would definitely ..

Vellannoor brinjal

Looks like apple, tastier than fish fry; wanna try?

Most of us may get puzzled if someone asked the name of a vegetable that looks like an apple and tastes like fish fry. The round brinjal ..


Get seedless watermelons with yellow, red flesh from Agricultural University

Watermelon is the apple of the eye of Keralites in summer. However, we are a little confused about the source of the giant fruit ..


Growing grapes at home? Here’s some tips for you

Grapes can be cultivated during all seasons. We can even easily grow grapes at our courtyards. But there are some important points ..


Hot and spicy 'Kanthari' chilli – A must item in kitchen garden

Bird’s eye chilli or Kanthari Mulaku is an essential item for the vegetable garden of Malayalis. If one or two chilli plants ..


Vishukkani Challenge: Grow your own Kanivellari this Vishu

Keralites have been in a world of challenges recently. They have taken up a number of challenges ranging from the bucket challenge ..


With cancer-resistant broccoli, make your kitchen garden 'rich'

Broccoli can be considered as the vegetable that has the highest capability to help prevent cancer. Having edible leaves, flower and ..


Do you know? We can eat beetroot tender leaves too!

Beetroot is a tuber vegetable that is popular for its colour and nutritional value. It could be a great news for beetroot lovers that ..

chilli bajji

Have homemade chilli bajji with home-grown bajji chilli

Indian cuisine is famous for its craze for masala and hot tastes. One of the most loved street snacks here is chilli bajji which ..


Know about Kohlrabi, the veggie with edible stem

Has anybody heard of a strange plant that looks like cabbage when planted, grows like cauliflower, enlarges its stem like a pineapple ..

sweet gourd

Tired of bitter gourd? Let’s try sweet gourd

Sweet gourd is one of the sweet varieties of gourd. The fruit of sweet gourd has blunt thorns all over the skin. Its male and female ..


Collect seeds from plants properly, See it grow healthy

Seed collection of vegetable crops is very important as it affects the quality of the plant in future. Although the seed is of ..


How to process cherry fruits after harvesting

Cherry fruits are rather too sour to eat directly after harvesting. The fruit need some processing to make it edible. Here are the ..


Grow peanut on ground or in grow bag; Here are some tips

Peanut plant is an unusual one as its flowers bloom on the plant but the nut grows beneath the ground. Peanut is the best-liked snack ..


Mushroom cultivation: Choose right varieties to eat safe

Mushrooms are a much loved dish on the dining table. Not all types of mushrooms are edible and some of them are highly poisonous. Edible ..

Tricho cake

Tricho Cake – an affordable shield for grow bag farming

Plant diseases always attack the crops and result in huge loss. Even when the plants are grown in grow bags, the diseases never fail ..


Leaf powder pesticides for guarding kitchen garden

Pest control is an important part of farming which can turn out to be a serious threat to the crops, if ignored. To resolve this ..


Reap goodness of Brahmi from home garden

Nowadays, different types of artificial medicines are used to enhance cognitive power of children. However, these products manufactured ..

G-store application

G-Store App to sell surplus produce from vegetable garden

Selling surplus produce from vegetable garden is easier than ever before as a new application has been developed by a group of techies ..

snake gourd

7-ft-long snake gourd harvested in veg farm in Palakkad

Thathamangalam: This time, a giant long snake gourd was harvested in the vegetable farm maintained by Arangath native Surendran. More ..

Banana file

Kerala to host National Banana Festival

Thiruvananthapuarm: The National Banana Festival of 2018 will be hosted by Kerala. The festival that would showcase the wide diversity ..


All set for harvesting of ‘Lola’ long beans grown through hi-tech farming

Taliparamba: The Karimbath District Agricultural Farm is all set to harvest the ‘Lola’ variety of long beans using hi-tech ..


How to harvest ‘small yams’ for small families

The ‘big vegetables’ like elephant foot yam, purple yam, snake gourd and pumpkin, ash gourd and the like are the favourite ..

aloe vera
How to make aloe vera oil and gel at home
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