Kitchen Garden
paddy on terrace

Couple cultivates paddy in plastic bottles on terrace; manages vegetable, fish, honeybee farming too

Kottayam: A couple has set a unique model by cultivating paddy on their house terrace ..

Longest okra
19.5-inch-long okra in Pala woman's kitchen garden enters record books
Araza boi
Grow Araza boi, the fruit that tastes sweet and sour
Round bottle gourd
Started farming out of curiosity, now round bottle gourd is icon of Sooranad

Nutrient-rich leafy green for kitchen garden; meet Basella aka Malabar spinach

Basella or Malabar spinach is a leafy green that can be easily grown in the kitchen garden. It does not require much care and maintenance ..


Photographer makes kitchen garden, creates album of his success saga

Thrissur: After giving some rest to his camera during the lockdown, photographer Baburaj Porathissery took a spade in hand. Within ..

Sword Beans

Easy to grow, tasty to eat; plant sword beans in your kitchen garden

A delicious and nutritious vegetable, sword beans, got its name due to its shape like a sword. It is locally known as 'Valamara' ..

Agriculture Success Story

Youth makes kitchen garden in lockdown; proves experiments give better results

Pathanamthitta: A young farmer used his leisure time for farming and proved that agricultural experiments can give better results. ..

brinjal plant

Shaped like tomato, this brinjal can be asset to kitchen garden

Round brinjal is one of the many varieties of brinjal. Shaped more like a tomato, this is called 'Takkali Vazhuthana (tomato brinjal) ..


Heard of 'Kangkong', the powerhouse of nutrients?

Kangkong spinach or water spinach is a rich source of various vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. This leafy green is often unnoticed ..

Doctor's vegetable garden

This doctor is busy treating her vegetable plants during lockdown

Though Dr Maithreyi Raveendran, a leading gynaecologist in Idukki district, is not going to hospital during the COVID lockdown. She ..

Rajasthan long beans

Rajasthan long beans variety flourishes in Kasaragod farmer's garden

Periya (Kasaragod): A different variety of long beans brought from Rajasthan gave stunning yield when it was cultivated here. Organic ..

Janamaithri police engaged in farming

COVID-19 cannot beat farming enthusiasts in police force

Mullakkanam (Idukki): The Janamaithri police in Rajakkadu have decided to follow the Chief Minister's direction to be engaged in ..

Idukki collector cultivating vegetables

Collector is busy 'collecting' vegetables from kitchen garden during lockdown

Thodupuzha (Idukki): When the entire district is gripped by COVID-19 fear, Collector H Dineshan is busy with his duties and resistance ..


Haritha Keralam launches competition to promote farming during lockdown

The state government's Haritha Keralam Mission has come up with competitions to find out best farmers as part of promoting vegetable ..


No need of soil, can be grown even in a tray; know about microgreens

It is always safe to consume homegrown vegetables if we think about the pesticide residue on the ones bought from market. But maintaining ..

vegetable garden challenge

Trending lockdown challenge; make a vegetable garden at home

Thodupuzha: When many people are stuck in their houses during the coronavirus prevention lockdown, Catholic Congress Global Committee ..

Butter beans

Butter beans has no buyers in Kerala, huge demand in other states

Butter beans, one of the crops widely cultivated in the hilly regions in Kanthalloor, is in huge demand in other state markets, whereas ..

Ber apple

Good for diabetic patients, 'Apple Ber' can be grown on terrace too

Thiruvananthapuram: Apple can be cultivated not only in cold weather but in cities of Kerala also. Vanchiyoor native George Varghese ..


Onion price hike never scares this farmer

Chittoor (Palakkad): The soaring onion price will never bother Eruthempathy native S Britto as he has been cultivating shallots ..


Larger, juicier and seedless; 'Malaysian citric lemon' conquers high range in Kerala

A new variety of lemon known as Malaysian citric lemon has found its place in the high range in Kerala. Idukki Kanjikuzhi native ..

agati cheera

Spinach in name, member of beans family; meet ‘Agathi Cheera’

‘Agathi Cheera’ or vegetable humming bird is a plant that resembles spinach in its name but is actually a shrub that belongs ..


Grow 10 papaya plants to earn Rs 15,000 per month

If you have 10 papaya plants at home, Rs 15,000 can be earned every month. As papaya is nutrient-rich and is used as an ingredient ..


Try a mini pineapple plant for indoor-outdoor gardens

Pineapple can be grown in high ranges, villages and orchards. If we could plant a little pineapple plant in a flowerpot, it would definitely ..

Vellannoor brinjal

Looks like apple, tastier than fish fry; wanna try?

Most of us may get puzzled if someone asked the name of a vegetable that looks like an apple and tastes like fish fry. The round brinjal ..


Get seedless watermelons with yellow, red flesh from Agricultural University

Watermelon is the apple of the eye of Keralites in summer. However, we are a little confused about the source of the giant fruit ..


Growing grapes at home? Here’s some tips for you

Grapes can be cultivated during all seasons. We can even easily grow grapes at our courtyards. But there are some important points ..


Hot and spicy 'Kanthari' chilli – A must item in kitchen garden

Bird’s eye chilli or Kanthari Mulaku is an essential item for the vegetable garden of Malayalis. If one or two chilli plants ..

Turmeric farming
70-year-old farmer cultivates turmeric in 5 acre, harvests 200 tonnes
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