Despite being an engineering graduate, Thrissur Thiruvilwamala Pampady native Shihab has proved that agriculture can be a promising profession for anyone. The 23-year-old youth was born and brought up in a farming family. When he was tired of searching for a job, Shihab chose farming as the first alternative. He started farming in the field owned by his father Yousuf.

banana grove
Image: Facebook/Shihab K. Y.

After graduation, Shihab had worked as engineer in Kochin Shipyard for two years. When the contract expired, he tried for a job in many companies, but in vain. He was even conned by a private firm, where he paid Rs 50,000 for a job. Thus Shihab decided not to waste his time and money anymore.

He cultivates paddy in a three-acre field, and maintains a banana grove in one acre of land near his residence. There are 1700 banana plants in his grove and colocasia is grown here as part of crop rotation. Besides, Shihab grows chilli, brinjal and tomato in grow bags in their courtyard. Wild boars are the major enemies in the farming field, says Shihab. The colocasia cultivation in nearly 50 cents was destroyed by the boars.

banana plants
Photo: Shihab K. Y.

Shihab has no intention to stop farming. He plans to maintain farming as a side business, even if he gets a job in engineering sector. Shihab’s parents and two sisters support and encourage his endeavours. His next target is to cultivate tapioca in one-acre land taken for lease.