Herbal Garden
Herbal garden

Herbal garden made by Student Police Cadets turns into mini forest

Vithura (Thiruvananthapuram): The student police cadets of Vithura VHSS are excited ..

Rare herbal mushroom ‘Nilamanga’ found from termite mound in Palakkad
Medicinal herb, organic fly trap; Tulsi is ideal plant for herbal garden
Aloe vera
Aloe vera plant in herbal garden can make you self-sufficient in healthcare
Arrowroot farming

Doctor couple cultivates arrowroot in 2-acre land due to its medicinal properties

Anandapuram (Thrissur): As Thiruvathira ceremony is round the corner, arrowroot is ready for harvest here to prepare the special pudding ..

Mahkota Dewa

Indonesian herb Mahkota Dewa flourishes in Pathanamthitta

Indonesian medicinal herb ‘Mahkota Dewa’ fruit (God’s Crown fruit) is growing aplenty at a house in Pathanamthitta ..

Black nightshade

Black nightshade aka 'Manathakkali', a cure to multiple diseases

Black nightshade is a plant that belongs to the family of brinjal. Known as 'Manathakkali', 'Mulakuthakkali' or 'Karinthakkali' ..

Turmeric farming

70-year-old farmer cultivates turmeric in 5 acre, harvests 200 tonnes

Vellangallur (Thrissur): For the past 9 years, Vallivattam native Salim has been a full-time turmeric farmer. He could harvest 200 ..

Sethumadhavan in ginger farm

Ginger can be cultivated in grow bags too

Thalappuzha (Wayanad): There are many people who doubt if we can grow ginger in grow bags. BSNL employee Thavinhal Kannothumala native ..


Tulsi farming initiated in Mattathur to enhance immunity during pandemic times

Mattathur (Thrissur): The Labour Cooperative Society in Mattathur that used to supply 2500 Kadali bananas to the Guruvayur temple ..

Ginger Garden in Chelavoor IISR

Ginger Garden at IISR Kozhikode introduces rare ginger plants from all over India

Kozhikode: Though Keralites are really familiar with the benefits of ginger, most of us are unlikely to know the different varieties ..


Herbs for health and flavour; plant these in your garden

Curry leaves, mint and coriander are a few plants which have medicinal properties as well as flavouring qualities. To make the lockdown ..


Cinchona tree which was used to make medicine for Malaria disappears from Kerala

Konni (Pathanamthitta): Quinine was a medicine that gave relief to the world when Malaria outbreak occurred. The ingredients of this ..


Tamarind price shoots up; Rs 30 for 1kg leaves, Rs 190 for fruit

Thrissur: As the price of tamarind leaves shot up to Rs 30 per kilogram, the tamarind farm owners in Tamil Nadu are earning well from ..

Vaidyar Kumbalam

Meet the Malappuram man who conserves ‘Vaidyar Kumbalam’, a medicinal variety of wax gourd

Perinthalmanna (Malappuram): A variety of medicinal wax gourd known as ‘Vaidyar Kumbalam’ is being conserved by a farmer ..

Tree turmeric

Rare medicinal herb 'Tree Turmeric' blooms in Thrissur

Vadanappally (Thrissur): Rarely found medicinal herb Tree Turmeric (Maramanjal in Malayalam) has bloomed in Thrissur. The herb bloomed ..

sclerotium stipitatum - nilamanga

‘Nilamanga’ – a rare herb disguised as mango!

Kottakkal: Though ‘Nilamanga’ resembles ‘manga’ (Malayalam word for mango) both in name and shape, it has ..

Keezharnelli and Mukkutti

Flood affects medicinal herbs too; ‘Mukkutti’, ‘Keezharnelli’ rarely seen

Kottakkal (Malappuram): Little tree plant (Mukkutti) and Stonebreaker plant (Keezharnelli) are medicinal herbs commonly found in Kerala ..

herbal museum

With 150 plus medicinal plants, Herbal Museum at Eruthempathy farm pulls crowd

The herbal museum at Eruthempathy agriculture farm in Palakkad has become a crowd puller. Students and research fellows flock to see ..

Kunnath Narayanan

Narayanan’s herbal garden offers saplings in bamboo stems

Traditional herbal medicine practitioner Kunnath Narayanan has nurtured a rare treasury of medicinal herbs at his house at Kanayi in ..

aloe vera

How to make aloe vera oil and gel at home

Aloe vera has numerous medicinal properties. Growing at home can be helpful for treating many health and beauty problems. Aloe vera ..


Have you heard of noni fruit? It fights cancer, diabetes

Noni is a fruit bearing tree popular for its medicinal properties. It is also known as Indian Mulberry, beach mulberry and cheese fruit ..

sweet basil

Sweet basil – The aromatic herb to keep you healthy

Sweet basil is a spice herb known for its unique flavour and aroma. The leaves of the plant are used as flavouring agent and as medicine ..


Grow Aloe Vera at home; Keep a herb handy

Aloe Vera is a common ingredient in the hair care and beauty care products. It is also used as an edible substance that can treat many ..

curry leaf

For flavour and cure, grow a curry tree in yard

Curry plant is an essential item in our kitchen garden. Apart from being a flavouring agent in cuisine, it has multiple medicinal uses ..


'Vrikshayurveda' - The Ayurvedic treatment for plants

Just as Ayurveda treat human diseases, there is a science for plant life called ‘Vrikshayurveda’. The discipline deals ..


Fruit that fights diabetes: Mahkota Dewa flourishes in Tom’s farm

Choosing a variety crop, Kottayam Pallikkathod native Tom Antony is cultivating ‘Mahkota Dewa’ fruit (God’s Crown ..

crown flower

Benefits of 'Erukkin poo'

Crown flower, which is commonly known as ‘Erukku’ in Malayalam, was considered a cursed plant because it grows in cemeteries ..

Chandran in his farm
Kozhikode farmer cultivates yam in soilless method, proves successful
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