Herbal Garden
sclerotium stipitatum - nilamanga

‘Nilamanga’ – a rare herb disguised as mango!

Kottakkal: Though ‘Nilamanga’ resembles ‘manga’ (Malayalam ..

Keezharnelli and Mukkutti
Flood affects medicinal herbs too; ‘Mukkutti’, ‘Keezharnelli’ rarely seen
herbal museum
With 150 plus medicinal plants, Herbal Museum at Eruthempathy farm pulls crowd
Kunnath Narayanan
Narayanan’s herbal garden offers saplings in bamboo stems
sweet basil

Sweet basil – The aromatic herb to keep you healthy

Sweet basil is a spice herb known for its unique flavour and aroma. The leaves of the plant are used as flavouring agent and as medicine ..


Grow Aloe Vera at home; Keep a herb handy

Aloe Vera is a common ingredient in the hair care and beauty care products. It is also used as an edible substance that can treat many ..

curry leaf

For flavour and cure, grow a curry tree in yard

Curry plant is an essential item in our kitchen garden. Apart from being a flavouring agent in cuisine, it has multiple medicinal uses ..


'Vrikshayurveda' - The Ayurvedic treatment for plants

Just as Ayurveda treat human diseases, there is a science for plant life called ‘Vrikshayurveda’. The discipline deals ..


Fruit that fights diabetes: Mahkota Dewa flourishes in Tom’s farm

Choosing a variety crop, Kottayam Pallikkathod native Tom Antony is cultivating ‘Mahkota Dewa’ fruit (God’s Crown ..

crown flower

Benefits of 'Erukkin poo'

Crown flower, which is commonly known as ‘Erukku’ in Malayalam, was considered a cursed plant because it grows in cemeteries ..

herbal garden

Mohanan master redefines agriculture with herbal garden

Paravur: When people are converting their compound into a most modern look by laying tiles, this man has given a great makeover to ..


Reap goodness of Brahmi from home garden

Nowadays, different types of artificial medicines are used to enhance cognitive power of children. However, these products manufactured ..


Colocasia: Healthy and Easy to grow

Several varieties of Colocasia (Chembu) are cultivated across the length and breadth of Kerala. Varieties like Palchembu (Valiya Chembu), ..


Govt to begin medicinal plants cultivation in Agasthyavanam

Peppara: The district administration is planning to start cultivation of medicinal plants in the tribal regions of Agasthyavanam to ..


Bitter gourd, not bitter anymore!

Bitter gourd is one of the favourite vegetables of any Keralite and stands in the forefront in terms of multiple health benefits. ..

Sweet leaf

Chekkurmanis - easy to grow, rich in nutrients

Sweet leaf, also known as chekkurmanis, is suitable to be grown in Kerala's climate. These nutrient-rich leaves contain carbohydrates, ..


Grow avocado trees, reap the benefits

The climate in Kerala suits avocado (butter fruit) trees, as they grow well here and give good yields. The fruit, that appears and ..

rice water
Keep some rice water (Kanjivellam); Save your vegetables from pests
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