Kasaragod: Mahesh, a contract staff in BSNL has been cultivating ginger on his 2.5-acre land in a hilly area at Cheemeni. This young farmer makes profit through ginger farming.

He has decided to cultivate ginger after cutting down rubber trees in the land.

Hybrid seeds like IISR, Mahima and Varada are being cultivated here. He has started to level up the land from February. He mixed calcium oxide with soil as it has acidic content. He planted ginger mixed with organic fertilisers after the summer rain.


A ginger rhizome of 20 grams was planted at a distance of 25 centimetres. He regularly removes weeds from the land and add fertilisers to the soil.

Mahesh has covered the ginger with green leaves and it has given a better option to protect it from diseases. When the colour of the leaves turned yellow, he used bio agents like pseudomonas to improve the quality of the soil.

The ginger cultivated without using pesticides have great demand in the market.

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