The attack of pests and insects is always a headache for those who maintain a kitchen garden. We can try some simple ideas to eliminate the pests and insects that destroy the plants. Usually, only a limited number of plants are grown in the home garden, which makes it easier to maintain them. We have to keep observing their growth.

Butterflies, moths and other insects lay eggs on the back of plant leaves. The eggs should be removed slowly from the leaves. If the worms have come out of the eggs, try killing the worms as soon as you find them. The worms will feed on the leaves and destroy the entire plant gradually. Also these will breed more insects which may affect the garden as a whole.

The small bugs like aphis hiding under the leaves also cause threat to the plants. Use the old die brush or paint brush to sweep the bugs and fungus off the leaves. Insects like thrips that grow in clusters on leaves can be washed off with the help of a hand sprayer.

Flies can be easily controlled using the electric bat for killing mosquitos. Smoking near the plants without harming them also is helpful to drive the bugs away. Tobacco decoction, neem oil mix, or a mix of neem oil and ground garlic and chilli pepper can be applied to get rid of insects from the garden.