Adorn your garden pond with a lotus

Lotus is an aquatic plant loved for its big beautiful flowers. Scientifically known ..

Orchid lovers, keep these things in mind
Remember Harry Potter’s aunt Petunia? Well, the name came from this flower
How to take care of Daisy, the pretty 'little girl' of gardens

Want bright 'Chembarathi' flowers? Then follow these tips

Shoe flower or hibiscus is a very common garden plant in the houses in Kerala. It normally requires no particular care and maintenance ..


Over 1500 plants décor Shailaja’s house

Kannur: People who visit Shailaja S Rajan’s house at Chalakunnu here will be pleased to have a glance at the beautiful flowers ..

rose water

Make natural rose water at home

Rose water is widely used to flavour food items, for beauty and personal care requirements. Rose water bought from market may not be ..


‘Kanakambaram’ - the golden beauty of garden

The firecracker flower or tropical flame which is commonly called as ‘Kanakambaram’ in Malayalam is known for its beauty ..

cat eye

Can you guess what a ‘Cat Eye’ is? Find it here!

What comes to your mind when somebody say ‘Cat Eye’? Well, it has nothing to do with a cat. It is an ornamental plant ..

coral vine

Plant a 'Venal Poovalli' to breathe pure air

In a time when pollution is one of the threatening menace for the city dwellers, a beautiful flower from Mexico can come to the rescue ..


Try these natural preservatives to keep flowers fresh

No one who loves flowers like to see them getting dried up. To keep flowers fresh and live for many hours, we can use flower preservatives ..


For beauty, medicine and nostalgia, have a ‘Thechi’ in garden

Ixora is one of the common flowering plants found in Kerala. It was an inevitable plant in the gardens of Malayali houses in the past ..


Plant roses in November; Reap flowers in December

Rose blooms well only when its planting, pruning, fertilisation and pest control are managed well. It is ideal to plant rose in the ..


Jasmine: Bride's favourite, businessman's too

Jasmine flower, the all-time favourite flower of Malayali brides, is not only fragrant and beautiful but also profitable. Jasmine cultivation ..


How does 'Kongini flower' attract one and all

Lantana (Kongini flower) is one of the beautiful plants that would capture anyone’s attention in gardens. Though native to America, ..

desert rose

How to grow desert rose at home

Adenium, also known as desert rose, is a beautiful flowering plant that finds special place in every garden. Most of the flowering ..

star fruit

Shaped as star, this fruit can be a star in cuisine too

Star fruit or Carambola is a key ingredient in a famous Italian fish stew that is enlisted in the 50 most delicious food items in the ..


How to grow Sandalwood - the most expensive wood in world

The most expensive wood in the world could be sandalwood tree. The highest quality sandalwood variety can fetch a price of up to ..


‘Kurunnolakkoottam’ shows how farm tradition paved way to art

A group of Thrissur based artists known as ‘Kurunnolakkoottam’ stand out by creating wonderful craftworks using tender ..

Anthurium and Orchid

Tips to scientifically pack Anthurium and Orchid

Orchid and Anthurium are two flowering plants that have high scope in the market and in export sector. Once the flowers are harvested, ..

Mullan paval

Bitter but beautiful, Paradise fruit gives you goodness

Dr. A. Gangaprasad who is a teacher of the department of botany in Kerala University has been in search of a rare fruit for six months ..


Violet iris - The queen of gardens

Violet iris is an attractive flowering plant widely cultivated in states like Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh and Tripura ..


Why do farmers love Poinsettia?

Poinsettia is a plant widely used for decoration during Christmas and Easter seasons. Scientific named Euphorbia Pulcherrima, the plant ..


Sampangi at Kannampallimed a treat for eyes

Thenmala (Kollam): It is the time for scenic beauty in the Tamil land. The flower farms in Kannampallimed near Chengottai attracts ..


Peanut butter fruit for beauty and profit

Bunchosia fruit, noted for its peanut-like taste, is becoming popular in Kerala. Also known as ‘peanut butter fruit’, ..


Begonia blooms in Calicut University Park

Thenhipalam: Begonia plant, one of the rarest and expensive ornamental plants, is the new guest in the park of the University of ..


Rare variety of ‘Lady's Slipper’ orchid begins blooming in Agasthyamala

A rare variety of orchid flower has begun blooming in Agasthyamala. Paphiopedilum druryi is native to Agasthyamala, which is also ..


Coffee blooms in Marayur giving hopes to farmers

Marayur (Idukki): Coffee plants blossomed in Marayur and Kanthalloor region, giving hopes to the farmers. The coffee flowers bloomed ..

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