Kochi: Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) will take stringent action to control the sale of fake organic food products. According to the authority, food products produced with organic methods should be sold under the organic category.

FSSAI will enforce regulations to assure organic food products in the market. The department of agriculture has reported that vegetables produced by using pesticides are widely sold as organic vegetables in the supermarkets in Kerala.

Organic products in market

People have started to demand organic food products after high level of pesticides was detected in the products. Thus, many vendors have started to sell vegetables, fruits, and grocery from other states as organic products.

The officials have detected pesticides on potato, onion, green chilli and curry leaves from the shops exclusively sell organic vegetables.

The shopkeepers are still selling fake organic products for high prices. Though the packet claims organic, the customers are not able to examine whether the product is organic or not.

FSSAI regulations and future

FSSAI will enforce uniform conditions for organic food products across India. Hence, products exported from other states will be organic. Customers can check the standards of the products through a web portal of FSSAI.

Apart from the institutes established to certify organic products, more institutes will be empowered for the purpose. It will improve the efficiency of the certification process.

No products will be sold as organic without the certificate of the concerned institutes. Small-scale farmers and manufacturers will be excluded from the regulation.