Brinjal is a vegetable that is available in a variety of colors and shapes. Its biggest advantage is that it can be cultivated in all climate conditions. Brinjal is known as the poor man’s tomato, as it is a low-cost crop. The ideal time to cultivate brinjal is May - August and September – December.

The saplings that sprout from the seeds can be replanted. The seed will sprout within one week. The saplings can be replanted within 40-45 days. Sow the seeds in grow bags, plant pots or land prepared for farming. It is good to tie the seeds in a white cloth and soak in water for some time. While sowing, the seeds should not go deep into the soil.

Till the soil well and remove the lumps and stones. Add some dried cow dung and compost in the soil as fertilizer. While replanting the saplings, keep some distance between the plants. Add some neem cake and bone manure for nourishing the plants. Use organic fertilizers as the plant grows.

After sowing the seeds, moderate watering twice a day is good for it. Continue watering even after the leaves shoot up. Instead of pouring water, try sprinkling. After 55-60 days, brinjals will be ready to harvest. Once harvesting is completed, the plant should be cut a little above the bottom, and they should be maintained with proper care for the next harvest.