For those who try their hands at vegetable cultivation and rooftop farming, drumstick juice can be an ideal crop booster.

The juice made by grinding 1 kg of drumstick leaves and its tender stems with 100 ml of water can be used for this purpose. The strained liquid is ready to use after diluting it by adding water 10 – 30 times.

In addition to the major elements, micro elements like zinc, iron, manganese and other enzymes are present in drumstick juice.

Before sowing seeds, soak them in 30 per cent concentrated drumstick juice overnight, so that they grow healthy and faster. It has been proved that sprinkling 10-30 per cent drumstick juice on the leaves of crops will help to improve plant growth and production. The field experiments also suggest that the crops’ immunity and resistance to draught also can be boosted by using drumstick juice.