Animal Husbandry

22 cows, 16 calves, a bull; story of a dairy farm near Mayyazhi river

Kannur Kadavathur native businessman Ishaq and wife Sameera were thinking of a new ..

Fluffy and featherweight; meet this cute tiny pet for flat dwellers
പക്ഷിപ്പനിയാണെന്ന് അറിഞ്ഞില്ല; ആശങ്കയിൽ വേങ്ങേരിയിലെ കുടുംബം
Family worried over death of 20 chicken by bird flu
mini dairy farmer
Bought cows selling gold, bagged best dairy farmer award; This is Mini's success saga

You can catch fish at this Kozhikode fish farm...and take it home too

We forget some of the little things in life in the hustle and bustle of our routine life. Between smart phone, television, email and ..


Herbal acaricide developed to save livestock, pets

Bareilly: The Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) and the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) in Lucknow have developed ..

Wayanad cows and Gopalan

This award winner prefers Wayanad cows! Find out why?

Wayanad Noolpuzha native Gopalan has always had a love for the indigenous cattle breed of Wayanad. For his efforts to preserve Wayanad ..

pet grooming

Good news for animal lovers! Spa for pets now in Thrissur

Thrissur: Kerala Veterinary University has initiated a pet grooming and spa centre near Mannuthy veterinary hospital. The ‘Silky ..


Former expat all set to reap gold from fish farming in 2-cent plot

Former expat Raveendran residing in Pallikkal Bazar is all set to reap a good harvest from his aquaculture. He had been working in ..

Vaniyamkulam cattle market

Knee-deep slush in Vaniyamkulam cattle market gives hard time for cattle, people

Ottapalam: Vaniyamkulam cattle market, one of the largest livestock markets in the state, is in a pathetic state with knee-deep slush ..

pj joseph

Politics no bar; PJ Joseph earns Rs 4500 every day from dairy farming

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Congress (M) leader P. J. Joseph clarified in a speech in the Assembly that he is a dedicated dairy farmer ..


Poultry farmers must focus on disease resistance rather than treatment

A lot of people have the misconception that poultry is an easy task. It is important to know about the scientific methods that go into ..


Have a pet? Then follow these precautions to avoid sun stroke

The increasing temperature in summer is very likely to affect pets and cattle. The intense heat may have adverse impacts on eating ..


Rs 1.5 lakh offered for a Aseel rooster; Owner declines to sell

Marayur: A rooster was offered a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh during an exhibition of Parrot Beak Long Tail Aseel Chicken held at Ayyalur ..


Fierce but fetching; fighter fishes can fill your pockets

Siamese fighter fish is one of the most attractive fish varieties for the aquarium. With its colourful fins and scales, fighter fish ..


This man earns Rs 36k through supply of goat milk alone

Did you ever think that goat farming is not a good business? This farmer from Thrissur will change this. He proves that if you have ..


New insurance plans for dairy farmers

Kottayam: State Dairy Development Department is introducing new insurance plans for dairy farmers which will come into effect on November ..


How to teach cats good habits with a water syringe

Those who have cats as pet will surely know the challenges of taking care of them. Some cats urinate and defecate inside the house, ..

Kissing gourami

Kissing gourami: The ‘romantic’ pair for your fish tank

Kissing Gourami is an ornamental fish that is popular for its habit of ‘kissing’. Scientifically named as Helostoma temminckii, ..

spotted butterfish

Spotted butterfish: Not only edible, but ornamental too

Keralites are familiar with spotted butterfish, which is locally known as ‘Nachara’ or ‘Kachayi’, as an edible ..


Ostriches brought to Kerala vet college for research

Kalpetta: The emu birds in Pookode Veterinary College can now have the company of four new ostriches brought from Tamil Nadu. The six-month ..


Feed silage to cattle for better milk production

As the grass farms were destroyed in the flood, silage is suggested as a good alternative fodder for the cattle. Though the north Indian ..


Tips to treat breathing trouble in domestic fowls

A gapeworm scientifically known as Syngamus trachea causes breathing troubles in domestic fowls like chicken, quails, ducks and turkeys ..


Have a ‘Miss Kerala’ in your fish tank for a visual treat

‘Miss Kerala’ is not only the title of a beauty pageant, but also a pretty ornamental fish much popular in the market ..


Success story of first female vet surgeon in Lakshadweep

When Dr. P. P. Nilufer took charge as the first women veterinary surgeon in the Kavaratti dairy farm in Lakshadweep, everyone in the ..


Duck farming at home gaining popularity

Duck farming at home is increasingly becoming popular. This new kind of farming is profitable even when 5-10 ducks are grown at home ..

Arapaima gigas

6.75 feet long, weighs 100 kg; Giant fish from Amazon pulls crowd

Kothamangalam (Ernakulam): A giant fish that weighs more than 100 kg and has a length of 6.75 feet has drawn crowd to the fish farm ..

Dr. Migdad and Jancy in rabbit farm

Pass a test first and then get rabbit; Dr. Migdad’s style of rabbit farming

Ashiyana Rabbit Farm started by Dr. M. Migdad at Tirur in Malappuram is one of the noted rabbit farms in India. There are thousands ..

aloe vera
How to make aloe vera oil and gel at home
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