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Achappan's bitter gourd farm

This leader quits politics over love for agriculture

Mananthavadi (Wayanad): The election heat has not affected Achappan, a Congress ..

Kannan in his farm
Fan of traditional organic farming method, this farmer never eyes only profit
Mango season arrives early in Muthalamada
Ajeesh with his machine
Machine to drive away wild boars invented in Palakkad
Babitha Benny

Meet the first woman in state to obtain license to shoot wild boars that destroy crops

Meppadi (Wayanad): Wild boar attack in farms is always a headache for farmers. Babitha Benny, hailing from Meppady, will be a call ..

House in pond

Kozhikode man builds house in pond to avoid levelling paddy field

Mukkam (Kozhikode): Former president of Mukkam panchayat and environmentalist Thacholath Gopalan is known for his different way of ..


Mango season arrives early in Muthalamada this time

Muthalamada (Palakkad): Though last year, the mango season was delayed by a month, this time it arrived a month early. With the sunlight ..

Abdul Azeez' farm

Farmer, who lost banana farm in flood, gains profit through vegetable cultivation

Mayyil (Kannur): No flood can defeat Abdul Azeez's love for agriculture. He had started banana farming in a 3-acre barren land, ..

Jayalakshmi meeting minister

Class 10 girl gifts agriculture minister organic vegetables produced in her garden

Pandalam (Pathanamthitta): A young farmer visited Minister for Agriculture V S Sunil Kumar carrying a basket full of organic vegetables ..

Apple market

Apple price nosedives to less than Rs 20 per kg due to surplus production

Coimbatore: The price of local apple nosedived after increase in production. The price of apple was Rs 60 per kilogram last month and ..

Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala first State in the country to fix floor price for vegetables

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday said Kerala had become the first state in the country to fix the floor ..


Kerala to order 1800 tonnes of onion to control price hike

Kottayam: Kerala is going to bring more onions in order to control the price hike. Various government agencies have ordered 1800 tonnes ..

Curry leaves

High pesticide content found in curry leaves brought from other states

Kannur: Contaminated curry leaves are widely brought to the state, it has been found. Huge amount of pesticide was detected on curry ..

Vadakkekkara panchayat

Vadakkekara panchayat bags 5 agriculture awards including best student farmer

Paravur: Vadakkekara panchayat has won 5 awards in the agriculture sector instituted by the Department of Agriculture Development and ..


Rising vegetable price bring tears; Onion costs Rs 90, shallot Rs 120, garlic Rs 150

Kozhikode: The price of vegetables is skyrocketing giving a hard time for the people. Onion was sold for Rs 90 per kilogram in many ..


International agencies to promote agribusiness in Kerala; global tender invited

Kannur: The responsibility of forming societies of agricultural entrepreneurs in the state will be entrusted with agencies. Global ..

K Kunhiraman

Even at 72, this MLA is never tired of farming

Kasaragod: Despite hostile weather, paddy cultivated in the fields in Alakode was safely harvested before the onset of Northwest ..


Tuber crops, vegetables flourish in 3.5 acre farm as 15 families join hands

Kozhikode: A group of 15 families in Cheruthadam here have set a model for the world during the COVID times. With the support of Cheruthadam ..


Cooperative societies to procure paddy directly from farmers in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: State government has decided to procure paddy directly from farmers through cooperative societies. Paddy will ..


Cabinet decides to form Farmers' Welfare Board; co-op societies to be part of paddy procurement

Thiruvananthapuram: It has been decided in the cabinet meeting to form a Farmers' Welfare Board in the state. Dr P Rajendran will ..


Grocer gets good yield from dryland paddy farming in 4-cent plot in Malappuram

Edavanna (Malappuram): For East Chathallur native Majeed, his grocery shop and farming are equally important. He manages both, business ..


Price of potato soars due to low production; Rs 1500-2000 per sack

Mettupalayam: The price of Nilgiri potato rose due to low production. The price touched Rs 1300-1500 per sack which contains upto ..

Shoshamma in her mushroom farm

Small effort, big profit; mushroom farming brings fortune to homemaker in Kottayam

Karukachal (Kottayam): Manthuruthy native Shoshamma started growing mushrooms only to take the harvested mushrooms for their household ..

Land paddy hravesting

Septuagenarian sisters in Kozhikode cultivate land paddy, reap success

Mukkam (Kozhikode): Elderly sisters proved that age is only a number and toiled hard in the land paddy fields and reaped gold finally ..

VS Sunil Kumar

Farmers, political parties should jointly protest against Centre's farm policy: VS Sunil Kumar

Thrissur: State Minister for Agriculture V S Sunil Kumar said that the farmers and political parties in Kerala should come forward ..


Edible bamboo varieties soon to be popular in state

Thrissur: Edible bamboo varieties are soon going to be popular in Kerala. Tender bamboo stems can be used for making various delicacies ..

Snake gourd

7.5-feet-long snake gourd turns crowd-puller in Thrissur

Thrissur: People are flocking to the house of Peringannoor native Jayan on hearing about a giant snake gourd that has grown on his ..

Tea leaves

Price of tea leaves hit record high of Rs 213 per kg

Kochi: The price of tea leaves has reached a record high of Rs 213 per kilogram. The average price is Rs 196.22 per kilogram. There ..

'Subhiksha Keralam' scheme: Registration of farmers begins
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