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Indian blackberry

'Njaval' fruit costs Rs 320 per kg; Tamil vendors reap gold from Kerala

Kuruppampadi: Indian Blackberry, Java plum or Malabar plum (known as Njaval in Malayalam) ..

Tapioca becomes popular food during 2nd wave replacing jackfruit
Pineapple turns ‘Pain Apple’ for farmers
കോവിഡ് ബാധിച്ച കർഷകന്റെ കപ്പ വിൽക്കാൻ ഡി.വൈ.എഫ്.ഐ.
DYFI workers reach out to Covid affected farmer to sell produce
Giant banana

6-ft-tall banana bunch pulls crowd in Kollam; owner says it tastes different

Anchal (Kollam): A giant bunch of banana has grabbed attention here. The 6-feet-tall banana bunch weighing 110 kilograms was harvested ..

Vegetable farmers

Vegetable farmers in crisis as Covid curbs, heavy rain affect harvest, sales

Thrissur: When the Covid outbreak, lockdown and heavy rain came back to back, the vegetable farmers are in a dilemma. The farmers who ..

TK Bhaskara Panicker

Gouri Amma initiated rooftop organic farming movement influenced by this farm in TVM

Thiruvananthapuram: The concept of rooftop farming, which has become a pride project of the state, was initiated in 2001 by K R Gouri ..


Sunflowers in full bloom in Wayanad

Wayanad: Sunflower which is largely cultivated in Karnataka has gained huge demand in Wayanad too. A huge number of sunflowers can ..

K Radhakrishnan and colleagues

Former speaker K Radhakrishnan is busy farming; says leaving land unused is unacceptable

Chelakkara (Thrissur): Former Assembly Speaker and minister K Radhakrishnan is busy in farming as part of the Subiksha Kerala scheme ..


Pineapple farmers in crisis due to price drop; hopes for govt help

Cheruthoni (Idukki): The pineapple farmers are in a debt trap due to the huge expense incured for cultivation and price drop of ..

pineapple farm

Farmers turn to pineapple farming to recover loss from rubber plantations

Palakkad: A group of farmers from Thirumittakode here have switched to pineapple farming after facing loss in rubber farming. Considering ..

Dukhrana mango

Purple mango found in Thuravoor-Aroor area was named 'Dukhrana' by Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavara

Kuttanad: Though green raw mango and yellow ripe mango are familiar to us, have anyone seen a purple mango? Such a mango tree can be ..

Okra farming

Farmers get only Rs 5 per kg for okra while market price remains Rs 20

Palakkad: The farmers are in crisis as the price of okra nosedived. When okra is priced Rs 20 in shops, the farmers get only Rs 5 ..


Mohanlal shares glimpses of his organic farming during lockdown

Mollywood superstar Mohanlal treated his fans with a video of his organic farm at home. He has been engaged in organic farming for ..

Vegetable farm in Cheemeni prison

Cheemeni Open Prison earns over Rs 4 lakh through vegetable seed production

Cheemeni (Kasaragod): In a different way of vegetable farming, the open prison in Cheemeni managed to earn a huge income. Over 200 ..

Cow dung cake

Cow dung, elephant dung, goat manure, ash... Organic fertilisers are now a click away

Kottayam: The common things we find in our households and surroundings are now available on e-commerce websites in a different getup ..

Coconut tree bearing saplings

This tree in Kasaragod has no coconuts but saplings on top

Kasaragod: Which came first - coconut or coconut tree? If somebody asked this question to Kalanad native Muhammed Kunji, he will ..


Jackfruits sent in large quantity to North Indian states; merchants hope to recover from losses

Chalakudy (Thrissur): The jackfruit market became active again in Chalakudy as the season commenced. Jackfruits is sent from here to ..


Climate change cut global farming productivity 21% since 1960s

New York: Despite important agricultural advancements to feed the world in the last 60 years, a new study shows that global farming ..

Ramachandran and wife Prasanna with giant tapioca

A tapioca taller than the farmer tries to enter Limca Books

Cheruvathur (Kasaragod): A local farmer has harvested a large tapioca that is taller than himself. The 187.5 centimetres long single ..


Rs 400 per kg; strawberry harvest begins in Munnar

Munnar: Attracting tourists, strawberry harvest commenced in Munnar. The fruits cultivated on five-acre land of Horticorp at Munnar-Graham’s ..


Rubber price highest in 7 years at Rs 170 a kg

Alappuzha: After about 7.5 years, the price of rubber touched Rs 170. It is learnt that the price may go up further in the coming days ..


Jackfruit price drops to Rs 30; farmers in distress

Palakkad: Jackfruit is the most popular fruit in villages and cities alike but the production has declined this time. Though tonnes ..

വിലയില്ല; കിഴങ്ങുവിളകൾ വിൽക്കാനാവാതെ കർഷകർ

Price fall of tuber crops hits farmers

Palakkad: Farmers who are cultivating tuber crops like tapioca, elephant yam, purple yam, colocasia and other crops like ginger and ..

Coffee bloom

Coffee plants bloom in high range again giving tough time to farmers

Upputhara (Idukki): The coffee plants which had bloomed in high range about one and a half months ago have bloomed again. Following ..


Dropping price of cashew nut puts farmers in crisis

Iritty (Kannur): The farmers are concerned over the dropping price of cashew nut. The price has not increased even one month after ..

Coffee beans

Govt allots Rs 12.50 as subsidy for procuring coffee beans in Wayanad

Thiruvananthapuram: The finance department issued an order granting Rs 12.50 per kilogram as subsidy for procuring coffee beans as ..


Jasmine price touches Rs 2500 per kg but production remains low due to climate change

Palakkad: The price of jasmine flowers has risen to Rs 2500 per kilogram but flowers are not available. The incessant frost in early ..

Tapioca plants
CTCRI in TVM obtains patent for organic pesticide developed from tapioca leaves
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