Kochi: The Department of Agriculture in Kerala is planning to form an enforcement wing in order to strictly implement the regulations in farm sector and to ensure the quality of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

Until now, the officers of the agri department were in charge of inspection and other quality assessments. The idea of an enforcement wing was conceived after noticing the insufficiency of the present system for certification, registration and quality checkup.

Also, the production, distribution and use of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides need more attention and quality assessment. There was no coordination for the activities to produce quality crops and to help the farmers. The department of agriculture intends to increase its efficiency by forming the enforcement cell in district and state levels, said Minister of Agriculture V S Sunil Kumar.

Duties of enforcement department

  • Perform quality control of the production and sales of seed, and improve efficiency of its certification, registration and distribution.
  • Ensure that the private entrepreneurs in the sector produce good quality seeds and other products. Improve quality of farms of agriculture department and government agencies.
  • Register all the private nurseries that sell seeds, plants and farming equipments, including the imported ones.
  • Emphasize on immunity of plants as many imported plants arrive in the state. Ensure that low quality and prohibited chemical fertilizers are not brought to Kerala.
  • Examine the chemical fertilizers imported from other states and countries. Ensure whether the products claiming to be organic are genuine.
  • Ensure that chemical fertilizers are used in the quantity directed by the agriculture officers.
  • Prevent importing of prohibited chemical pesticides to the state.
  • Strictly implement the law that pesticides should be sold only if a prescription of agriculture officer is produced, and stop unauthorized sale of pesticides.