fish farm
Jiji Francis near his fish farm. Photo: Mathrubhumi

Nellikkunnu native Jiji Francis has started fish farming one year ago, dreaming of setting up a high-tech farm later. The 7000 fish in this farm grow luxuriously with all the facilities available for them. Jiji, being an expert in building construction, applied all his talent in fish farming also. He focused on creating an atmosphere suitable for the growth of the fish.

Jiji made a circular shaped fish tank with a capacity to contain one lakh liters of water. He used ferro-cement to make the tank, as it offers more strength. The shape of the tank’s interior is similar to a funnel. The tank is featured with a five-stage water purification system. The water will keep rotating in a cycle. The water moves in a way that is comfortable for the fish.

There are also facilities to pump air through pipes into the water in the tank. The water is changed once in every week. The purification system functions 24 hours continuously. Also, the pH value of water is checked at regular intervals.

There are three separate tanks arranged with water purification facilities to grow fishlings. Jiji spent about Rs 8 lakh to set up the high-tech farm. Red belly and GIFT tilapia fish varieties are grown in the farm. The fish are fed with balanced diet. They are not given meat waste, which is evident from the quality of the fish. Even fish that weighs up to 250 grams are harvested from the farm. Agriculture Minister V. S. Sunil Kumar had arrived during the harvesting season in last October.