Kollam: District Agriculture expo organised by Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) displayed vegetables in big size. Tapioca weighing 130 kg was the biggest one and was the major attraction at the expo. Cheranad native Jayadevan cultivated the biggest tapioca.

A yam which has a weight of 80 kg and height of 7.5 feet was another surprise here.

VFPCK has organised the agriculture expo at Eram market in Anchal. A number of stalls are opened here by promoting agriculture products.

A stall of Oil Palm India is a platform to study different oil palms and its pollination process.

Another major attraction is the stall opened by the Institute for Watershed Development and Management Kerala (IWDMK). The stall promotes the need to conserve soil and water for future. Farmers and students can study about different types of soil and suitable farming techniques in each soil.

Indigenous breed of cows from Gujarat called ‘Gir’ are also seen in the stalls arranged by agriculture committees of Veliyam, Sasthamkotta, Sooranad, Neduvathoor and Anchal.

An exhibition of different breeds of goats, including Jamnapyari and Sirohi, is also arranged here. Various breeds of fishes and dogs attract children and adults alike. Hens from Kureepuzha Regional Poultry Farm will attract poultry farmers.

The expo will conclude on Monday.