Kakkayam gets its nature lovers. But the tourists mostly cover just the three prominent sites, Kakkayam dam, Urakkuzhy waterfall and the meadows at Kariyathanpara. Pappanchadykuzhy is a waterfall  located one and a half kilometre down south of the road that leads to Kariyathanpara and Kakkayam dam. The waterfall expands in the rains and contracts in the winter but remains beautiful throughout.

On the right side of the road is the origin of the river sprinkled with round pebbles and boulders. The water drains into Pappanchadykuzhy flowing down from the forest land. Earlier there used to be trekking trips from here to Wayanad and Urakkuzhy. Later, the forest department restricted such activities. This trekking route has been found to house rare species of orchids, including the dancing girl.

Photo: P Jajesh


Pappanchadykuzhy is a natural swimming pool. The water flowing down the rocks collects into a pool that is called Pappanchadykuzhy. The cool waters make for a refreshing bath and beneath the waterfall  is where the tourists find the most fun.

PappanchadykuzhyThe name has a story behind it. Long time ago, three rivers were draining into this waterfall.  Pappan, who was a member of a hunting team that climbed the hills and reached the waterfall, fell into the depths of this still pool. Even his body was not to be found ever. The flow reduced only when the dams were built.

From Kozhikode go to Kundamangalam via Karanthur and Medical College. From Thamerssaery Chungam take a left to get to Estate Mukku on Koyilandi Road. Get to Kariyathanpara from Thalayad and take a right. After a bath at the waterfall get back to Kakkayam town. From here one needs to take a ticket for Rs. 40 to enter the hair pin roads that lead to the dam.

The roads are narrow and badly maintained. Once above the hairpins there is a paid parking facility. Despite google earth showing every dam in the world Kakkayam dam still does not allow photography.


The next attraction here is the Urakkuzhy waterfalls. There are boating facilities too here. This dam also houses the buried memories of the Emergency. The body of Echara Warrier’s son Rajan, an REC student who was tortured to death in custody, was apparently buried in these waters. Another version is that the body was burned with a sack of sugar. Nothing came of a search by the Navy either. Today his statue stands tall at the Kakkayam junction and his remembrance day is marked every year.

PappanchadykuzhyAfter a strong cup of tea at the Kakkayam junction, one can straightaway go to the Kariyathan para meadows and enjoy the evening breeze. The place makes for a wholesome and enjoyable one day family picnic.

An alternative route from Kozhikode is via Eranjipalam, Karaparambu, Kakkodi, Chelannur, Balussery to Estate Mukku and then onwards to Thalayad. The approximate distance is 65 kilometres.

Those coming from Kannur side must come via Vadakara, Perambra,  Koorachundu, Kallanodu 28 and then take a left turn to Kariyathan para and then go to the dam.

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(Translated by Jyothisha V J)