Gorgeous Waterfalls, greenery of hills and mountains, tea estates covered in fog, the gorgeousness of hairpin curves and scenic jungle roads -- If you are looking to experience all these, a trip to Valparai is a must.  Your adrenaline levels will vary across this adventurous journey. Be it with your family or friends, this trip will an amazing experience for sure.

How to reach:

If you are travelling from North Kerala/Kozhikode, you can reach Valparai via Chalakudy, Athirappilly route. If you are travelling from Central/South Kerala, you can reach Athirappilly via, Chalakudy - Thumburmuzhi route.

At Athirappilly, you can see the waterfalls. To enjoy the real beauty of the falls, you need to get near the base of the waterfalls. You have to climb down the trail amidst well-shaped rocks. The water falling from the top onto these rocks get sprayed all across the immediate atmosphere, creating a mesmerising atmosphere. The scenic beauty of Athirappilly falls from these angles have appeared in several Bollywood and South Indian movies.

The journey forward once you are back on to the road is through the forest. An amazing highlight of this journey is the affordable lunch you can have with fresh fish from the river at Vazhachal. The travellers need to provide their details at the Vazhachal forest division check post to continue the Journey to Valparai. One can find hotels on the both sides of the road serving delicious lunch.


The journey to Valparai passes through the Sholayar rain forests. The occasional flashes of green meadows, the shadows cast by green trees, the presence of elephants in the forest will make the journey an exciting one. The chirping of the birds along the journey with these sceneries will be quite relaxing at the same time.

The many curves and bends along the journey will make driving exciting experience. If you are a driving enthusiast, you can imagine the pleasure of driving in such an environment with curves and bends. En route, the view of Perngalkooth Dam is a sight to behold.

The next stop along the route is Malakkappara, a village located on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. Accommodation facilities like home stays are available here. The temperature here is pleasant for a good night’s sleep wrapped in sheets. It is advisable not to roam around in the night as there is the occasional presence of elephants and leopards. The early morning view of the location is truly refreshing. A 26-km journey will take you to Valparai. After 200 m from the Malakkapara town, you will reach the Tamil Nadu Check post.


The way forward is through tea estates. Endless tea estates as far as the eye can see.  Another attraction en route is Sholayar dam situated amidst the Anamala Hill in Kerala and Korangumudi in Tamil Nadu.  Special permission is mandatory to visit the Sholayar Dam.

Urulikkal estate and Rottykavala are the other two landmarks along the journey. We need to turn right from Rottykavala to reach Valparai which is 6 Km away. Valparai is a Tamil town in a hilly terrain. The buildings on the hills appear to be like small cardboard boxes. The combined view of them is appealing to the eyes. Once in Valparai, if you drive towards Pollachi, you have to negotiate 40 hairpin bents.

One can get a distant view of Pollachi and Aliyar dam from the road. The main viewpoint along the route is the one at ninth bent, called Loam’s Point. You can travel all the way down the hairpin curves to Pollachi town.

Distance from Kozhikode to Valparai- 302 km

Distance from Ernakulam to Valparai- 140 km.

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