Marayur: A flutter of blue tiger butterflies (Tirumala limniace) has paid a visit to Chinnar in Idukki this year. Large number of people are visiting here to see and enjoy the pleasant view.

These butterflies with bluish-white semi-hyaline spots and streaks on black wings has gregarious migratory behaviour.

This is their migratory period and is assumed that they are taking a break during their migration.

In Chinnar, they are spotted near forest areas and farmlands near forest boundaries.

Experts are of the opinion that their presence will help in pollination of many rare plant species present here.

According to the latest survey, 240 species of butterflies have been identified at the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. This includes the Nilgiri Tit butterfly, Common Banded Peacock butterfly and Nilgiri Four Ring buttrefly.