You must have heard about Bekal Fort, which is situated in the northern most part of Kerala. To the south, there is a fort called Vattakottai in Kanyakumari which is very similar to the Bekal Fort. The similarity they share is that both stretches out to the sea, but both are different in shape. Vattom in the native language means circle, but this fort is not in circular form. Also, this fort is featured in the Padmarajan movie 'Moonam Pakkam’.

travelCurrently under the central Archaeological department, Vattakottai Fort belonged to rulers of Travancore. Historians doubts that the fortress was seized and ruled by Pandya Kings for a while. This fortress was built in modern style in 1741 by the ruler Marthanda Varma and its walls have a height of 8 metres.

The fortress acted as a base for the army to protect the Kanyakumari harbour. It was a place to store weapons, had a pool built-in for the army, an observation tower and settings for cannon attacks.

Vattakottai is an ideal place to spend the evenings. One can enjoy the beauty of the sea from this fortress. Also you will get the view of newly commissioned windmills and nuclear plant. The entry to this fortress is restricted from 8 am to 5 pm. No entry fee is levied.

Since there are no hotels providing food or drinks nearby, carrying food along would be a good idea. Temple of Dhathatrea, a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is situated 7 kms away from this fortress. Half-day and full-day travel packages are offered by most of the hotels in Kanyakumari and this fortress has find a place in such packages too.

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