solar auto
Solar auto rickshaw   Photo: Mathrubhumi

Thiruvananthapuram: In an era of daily petrol hike, solar auto rickshaws come to the rescue of common man. The engineering wing of ACE College and Innovation Experience have jointly developed an auto rickshaw that run fully on solar power. Their target was to make the students do a project that could be useful to the society.

Thus they planned to experiment with auto rickshaw, the common man’s vehicle. The vehicle gets the energy to run from the solar panels fixed on the top portion of it. This energy is later converted to DC current and the vehicle run using this power. The entrepreneurs opine that the auto runs 80 km, if charged for one hour.

Maximum speed of the auto is 35-45 km per hour. It can accommodate 6 people at a time. The project was designed for Thiruvananthapuram. The first test service of the solar auto will take place in Manakkad. The college has also formed an auto hub for the functioning of about 8 solar auto rickshaws.

The most important feature of the vehicle is that the energy received from the solar panels fixed on top of the hub can be used to charge the vehicles and the remaining units of power can be utilised by KSEB. Minister Kadakampalli Surendran had offered support to the eco-friendly project during its inauguration. Also he has suggested to conduct necessary researches related to the project.