Yes, whatsapp beta users can now search for Gif files from within WhatsApp. The feature seems to be only available for beta users. You can search for various gifs by typing in keywords of your choice to find matching gifs. 



WhatsApp seems to be working with Gif companies like Giphy and Telnor to provide the database of Gifs. They are being featured on a random basis for every whatsapp user it seems



Users can now send various gifs to match the emotions of WhatsApp messages they send and can make the conversation more Interactive. The wide variety of choices for each keyword makes it easier to select the type of Gifs based on user choices.



The addition seems to working and is really exciting many users as we can express similar emotions to ours via choosing apt Gifs. We can expect Whatsapp to roll out the feature on their main App very soon. This will lead to a flurry of Gif Messages and can well see a rise in the number of whatsapp messages that are being sent currently. 

How to get access to Gif section of WhatsApp Now !!!

1. Open play store and search for WhatsApp. 

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the WhatsApp play store page 

3. Look for the beta entry icon and join. It will take a while. 


4. Update WhatsApp once you join. 

5. Open WhatsApp and You should be able to find a Gif icon on the bottom of the emoji section.


6. Click on the Gif icon

7. You will be able to see a small search icon on the left side.

8. Search for any keyword and select the Gif to send. 

Now you should be all set to send Gif Messages from your Whatsapp. Happy Messaging

(The author is CEO & Founder of My VR & TopGear Management Consultants)