Kochi: Police Complaints Authority chairman Justice K Narayana Kurup said Tuesday that there were serious lapses on the part of the police in handling Jisha murder case.

 "The police did not follow the precautions and rules that are to be observed while investigating such cases. The police did not conduct a professional investigation into the case. Not recording the post-mortem on video was a serious lapse on the part of the police. The chance for collecting scientific evidence was lost with the police giving permission to cremate the body.  In such cases, it is very important that the incident spot be safely secured. However, people went in and out of Jisha’s house after her murder. The police cordoned off the house only on the fifth day after the murder," Narayana Kurup said.

Justice Narayana Kurup asked the police what sort of investigation it was conducting after it lost the crucial evidences in the beginning of the case itself. 

The Police Complaints Authority chairman commented on the Jisha case during the sitting on a complaint regarding a custody death in Parassala station.