National Bird Watching Day: Know the Birds of Kerala
The National Bird Watching Day is celebrated on November 12th of every year to mark the birth anniversary of renowned ornithologist and naturalist Salim Ali, known as the ‘The Birdman of India’. Freelance Photographer Vishnu Karnavar has snapped several bird species by travelling to the bird sanctuaries in Kerala. Sharing some of them on this special occasion.

Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus

Name: Indian Peafowl

Place: Parambikulam, Palakkad

image 2.jpg

Scientific Name: Spilornis cheela melanotis 
English Name: Crested Serpent Eagle 
Place: Parambikulam, Palakkad.

image 3.jpg

Scientific Name: Threskiornis melanocephalus English Name: Black-headed Ibis / Oriental White Ibis Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam 

image 4.jpg

Scientific Name: Megalaima viridis 
English Name: White-cheeked Barbet / Small Green Barbet 
Place: Thattekad, Ernakulam  

image 5.jpg

Scientific Name: Phylloscopus fuscatus
English Name: Dusky Warbler 
Place: Thattekad, Ernakulam

image 6.jpg

Scientific Name: Accipiter badius badius 
English Name: Shikra 
Place: Parambikulam, Palakkad

image 7.jpg

Scientific Name: Saxicola caprata nilgiriensis 
English Name: Pied Bush Chat 
Place: Pampadum shola, Idukki

image 8.jpg

Scientific Name: Turdus merula 
English Name: Common Blackbird 
Place: Pampadum shola, Idukki

image 9.jpg

Scientific Name: Acritillas indica 
English Name: Yellow-browed Bulbul 
Place: Pampadum shola, Idukki

image 10.jpg

Scientific Name: Hemicircus canente 
English Name: Heart-spotted Woodpecker 
Place: Thattekad, Ernakulam


image 11.jpg

Scientific Name: Zosterops palpebrosus nilgiriensis 
English Name: Oriental White-eye 
Place: Pampadum shola, Idukki

image 12.jpg

Scientific Name: Spilopelia chinensis 
English Name: Spotted Dove 
Place: Parambikulam, Palakkad

image 13.jpg

Scientific Name: Batrachostomus moniliger 
English Name: Sri Lankan Frogmouth / Ceylon Frogmouth 
Place: Thattekad, Ernakulam

image 14.jpg

Scientific Name: Arachnothera longirostra 
English Name: Little Spiderhunter 
Place: Parambikulam, Palakkad

image 15.jpg

Scientific Name: Ocyceros griseus  
English Name: Malabar Grey Hornbill 
Place: Thattekad, Ernakulam


image 16.jpg

Scientific Name: Copsychus saularis 
English Name: Oriental Magpie-Robin 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam

image 17.jpg

Scientific Name: Dicrurus paradiseus 
English Name: Greater Racket-tailed Drongo 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam


image 18.jpg

Scientific Name: Amaurornis phoenicurus 
English Name: White-breasted Waterhen 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam 

image 19.jpg

Scientific Name: Haliastur indus Indus 
English Name: Brahminy Kite 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam


image 20.jpg

Scientific Name: Porphyrio porphyrio 
English Name: Purple Swamphen / Purple Moorhen 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam

image 21.jpg

Scientific Name: Mesophoyx intermedia 
English Name: Intermediate Egret / Median Egret / Smaller Egret / Yellow-Billed Egret 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam

image 22.jpg

Scientific Name: Ardeola grayii 
English Name: Indian Pond Heron / Paddybird 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam

image 23.jpg

Scientific Name: Merops philippinus 
English Name: Blue-tailed Bee-eater 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam

image 24.jpg

Scientific Name: Phalacrocorax fuscicollis 
English Name: Indian Cormorant / Indian Shag 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam

image 25.jpg

Scientific Name: Microcarbo niger 
English Name: Little Cormorant 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam 

image 26.jpg

Scientific Name: Ardea purpurea 
English Name: Purple Heron 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam 

image 27.jpg

Scientific Name: Anhinga melanogaster 
English Name: Oriental Darter / Indian Darter / Snake Bird 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam

image 28.jpg

Scientific Name: Terpsiphone paradisi 
English Name: Asian Paradise Flycatcher 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam 

image 30.jpg

Scientific Name: Pelargopsis capensis 
English Name: Brown headed / Stork billed Kingfisher 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam 

image 31.jpg

Scientific Name: Halcyon smyrnensis  
English Name: White brested / White throated Kingfisher 
Place: Kumarakam, Kottayam 

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