Kodungallur: Foreigners who reached Azhikode jetty guided by google maps were disappointed after they learnt that the Jangar service to Ernakulam have been suspended for several days.

However, fisherman Poovathumparabil Kabeer came to the rescue of the foreign tourists who had come on cycles to the jetty. Kabeer took the tourists on his fishing boat to the other side.

The foreigners had reached Azhikode jetty on the way to Ernakulam. They were unaware that the Jangar service at Azhikode-Munambam ferry has been stopped for the past 16 days as the boat had no fitness certificate and insurance.

The tourists were going to Ernkulam and reached the jetty after enjoying the beauty of Snehatheeram beach. They were dejected after knowing that there are no boats at the jetty. 

When they were getting ready to return and travel 18 kilometres again to go to Ernakulam via Kodungallur that Kabeer and other locals got the information about their predicament.

Kabeer wasted no time in taking out the fishing boat to take the foreigners to the other side.

Locals are facing difficulties as the authorities have not arranged an alternative system at the Jetty.