Alappuzha: An inspiring story has been scripted by the local administration of central Travancore by redeeming their dying rivers through local participation. The Kuttamperuraar has come back to life after 25 years of suffocating neglect. This 12 km long river that flows from Achankovilaar to Pampayaar passes through the Mavelikkara and Chengannur taluks.

The Panchayat of Budhanur took the initiative to clean and bring life back into the river employing 1000 NREGA workers across 40 days at a cost of Rs.1 crore.

At Koyipram Panchayat in Pathanamthitta, the 80 metre wide, 1.5 km long Varachal stream has started flowing its course after long 30 years with similar effort. The district Panchayat president Annapoornadevi said that the project costed no more than Rs 30 lakhs. N K Sukumaran Nair from the Pampaparirakshana Samiti said that 1500 acres of paddy along this stream has got a new lease of life with this.

The Government has taken an initiative to redeem more streams and rivers in this fashion. Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan has made a personal visit to the Uttarapalliyaar at Chengannur. This 18 km long river that originates in the Achankovil river and meets the Pampayaar has been stagnant for the last 40 years.

More rivers like the Varattar, Kolarayaar and Areethodu are being considered for similar recovery measures to replenish the water stock of the state.