Marayur: There is a good news for us nature lovers. The most recent survey has revealed a slight increase in the number of Grizzled Giant Squirrels or Ratufa Macroura (Chambal Malayannan) in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.   

The survey, held between January 12 to 17 this year, puts that number of the squirrels at 68, up from 40 in 2014. The survey, however, has not counted the number of female Grizzled Giant squirrels as they will be holed inside nests since it is their breeding season.

In India, Grizzled Giant squirrels are seen only in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala and Srivilliputhur Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. It is also spotted in Sri Lanka.

Six teams which included forest officials took part in the survey. The team was led by Biologist Rajan Pilakandy, Marayur Assistant Wildlife Warden P M Prabhu, Munnar Wildlife Warden G Prasad and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Deputy Range Officer Shereef.