Neeleshwaram:  Peat deposits have been found while increasing the depth of a well in the house compound of Sajan Bangalam in n the house compound of Sajan Bangalam in Koottappana.

Peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation and organic matter. Experts have opined that the peat unearthed at Bangalam belong to the tertiary period.

Quintals of wood blocks and black sand were found were found in the 15 feet well the other day when the depth of the well was being increased.

When the depth was increased for two more meters form the spot in which peat was unearthed, white coloured sand was obtained.

History researcher Nandakumar Koroth visited the place after receiving information from Bangalam native MV Balakrishnan.

Former Geology department head and former deputy director of Collegiate Education Professor V Gopinathan examined the photos and confirmed that the wooden blocks belong to the tertiary period.

He said that the region east to Neeleswaram are abundant in Peet and Lignite.

The unearthing of peat from Bangalam proves that these regions were forest areas or swamps years back.