Perumbavoor: A three-month-old pet dog ‘Mowgli’, belonging to a retired Municipality staff here, died while fighting off a 7-feet-long cobra.

The incident happened at around 3 am on Tuesday when the cobra entered the compound of the house, situated on the BOC lane.

When the dog’s owner Nangeli Gangadharan stepped out of the house hearing the commotion, the dog stopped him. Mowgli did not even allow a policeman, who was on a patrolling duty, open the gate and come near him.

The fight between the cobra and the canine last for more than half-an-hour.

After killing the cobra, Mowgli, which belonged to the dachshund breed, ate some biscuits and drank some water from Gangatharan. However, the dog collapsed and died, immersing the family in grief.