Munnar: A nanny tree’s struggle to survive seems to have met its end with its last few leaves too turning brown and wilting.   

The 125-year-old camphor tree (Karpoora maram), situated in front of the Government Guest House near Devikulam town, has turned into a block of wood after its branches dried up one by one.

It was the summer residence of Sree Moolam Thirunal, king of erstwhile Travancore, which was later turned into the guest house. The tree was planted by the king himself.

The latex from the tree is used in the manufacturing of Ayurveda medicines. Gradually, in the absence of any kind of measures to protect the tree, it started to wilt.

Meanwhile, Devikulam natives petitioned the government to protect the tree. Then Tourism Minister A P Anil Kumar had announced that the Tourism Department will take over the protection of the tree. However, no action followed.

Though the staff of the guest house used to water the tree, the scorching heat spelled its death this summer.