Koothuparambu: This young roller-skater from a small Kannur town is not a fan of speeding bikes or racing cars. Mooriyad-native Harshavardhan, a plus-two student, always dreamt of riding a horse.

His father Sudhir Babu, who read his mind, bought a horse for him from Mysuru six months back. The horse was taken to Koothuparamba in a special vehicle.

Though initially the horse was very hostile, it later turned friendly. Harshavardhan now often rides on the horse through the streets, which draws many spectators.

Hay, wheat and horse gram are the favourite food of the animal, which also grazes on grass and other feeds in the nearby fields.

A lot of people are flocking to Sudhir Babu’s house to get a glimpse of the animal. The family is also arranging for a brief horse ride for those interested.

Harshavardhan plan to attend a horse riding training camp in Ooty during summer vacation.