Bandadukka: The plight of 60-year-old Vellachi, who has been lying on a sheet in a ramshackle hut at the scheduled tribe colony in Bandadukka village for the past eight years, will bring tears to anybody's eyes.

Vellachi is seeking the aid of good Samaritans for her treatment and a house to protect her from rain.

Vellachi of Manimoolathattu colony is bedridden for the past eight years .

Vellachi's parents Chana and Matha have passed away. Even though she tries to talk when people visit her, her talk is not clear. Vellachi's husband Kaikkalan passed away eight years back.

People of the colony said that Vellachi became weak physically and mentally after Kaikkalan's death. The couple did not have any children.

She is being looked after by her brother Kunhikka (50) and his wife Sarada. Kunhikka works for daily wages to feed the family.  The hut built for Vellachi is in the front of Kunhikka's hut. 

The hut is covered by coconut leaves only. 

The hut does not have electricity, water and toilet facility. The family is passing their days by expecting that the promises of a house and electricity given by those who visited them, will be fulfilled.