Kottakkal: The 1300-acre paddy farm managed by the Kudumbashree CDS at Madakkappadam in Thennala, has earned quite a few fans, Kona being one of them.

"We should also have such farms in Africa, to make our land green and prosperous", she said.

Kona S Koli is part of a visiting team from Africa, who is also the founder of Woman Organisation for Improvement (WOFIM) in Liberia.

She along with her team members were taken by awe when Yasmin Arimbra, the leader of the CDS team, explained their successful journey to them.

Yasmin explained to them how most of the work on the 1300-acre farm is done by women. "An acre yields Rs. 25,000 in a season giving a reasonable standard of life to the 500 women farmers", she said.

George from Uganda was also impressed by the field and its viability and chipped in saying that the model was very necessary for a country like Africa where women are very backward.

He just had one confusion as to why Indian schools cannot give an off to the children during the sowing and harvesting seasons like they do in Africa adding that this improves manpower availability.

The team was also treated to a lunch with Thennala rice payasam and sadya. While some struggled to eat with their hand, others finished their meals very quickly.

The team had also previously held a meeting with the Director, Thennala Agro Producer Company at the Thennala Panchayat Office.

The Panchayat representatives, President M P Kunjimoideen, Ashraf Thennala, K Abdul Gafoor, C K Koyamu and Matholi Nafeesu also spoke at the function.