snailsPunalur: African snails have increasingly started to threaten various areas in Eroor panchayat and people are scared of even consuming food due to the  invasive species. With the onset of rains, the snails have come out of the slumber. The invasive species invade the paddy fields too and cause extensive damage.

The giant snails are seen in abundance at Manalil, Ayilara and Thumbod areas of the Eroor panchayat. Even last year, snails had caused damage in these areas.  Other than Eroor, the eastern side is also invaded by these snails especially in Karavalut panchayat.

During daytime, these snails can be seen on trees, walls or compound walls and during night, it comes out. They reach houses in large numbers and pose a threat to people living there. Children in houses are scared of these snails invading them.

The snails get transported to new locations through transplantation of ornamental plants, vehicular movement and manure and they mainly feed on plant leaves.

The snails can damage constructions, as they feed on calcium for its growth and shell maintenance.