Chengannur: The two kids Gayatri, a third standard student and her sister Gowri who studies in UKG, runs to the cowshed after school. It is not because of their love towards the cows but they have been living in the cowshed for a long time. They eat, study, play and sleep inside the cowshed.

Anil Kumar (48) and his wife Nirmala Devi (38) at Karodu in Venmani are the parents of the two kids. This family forced to seek shelter in the cowshed after their house, which was a shed collapsed. The family was living in a shed roofed with a plastic sheet since 2009. But a month back, the house which was in a poor condition collapsed after a branch fell on it.

Anil who makes a livelihood with a dairy farm is struggling to reconstruct the house. They are living in the cowshed which is covered in cloth and plastic sheets. They are meeting the expenses, including children’s education and daily household needs, from the income from dairy farm.

Though they own a land, they failed to get assistance from the officials to construct a house. Anil has filed an application for a house from Panchayat. Though he was listed on the priority list many times, the panchayat has not granted assistance to him.

The panchayat has granted Rs.2.5 lakh to him for house construction in 2012. But when he tried to level up the land which is a hilly area, neighbours protested and interrupted the work.

Hence, he became ineligible to receive the financial assistance. He has filed a complaint to District collector, RDO, and Human Rights Commission. But nobody has taken any action.

Anil’s family is waiting for a positive response from the Chief Minister on his request seeking a safe shelter.