Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Tuesday pronounced the verdict that students should not disrupt classes while conducting strikes.

The High Court delivered the verdict on the petition filed by CUSAT students to postpone examinations as they lost classes due to student agitations.

The students asked the High Court to postpone their examinations saying that they received only half of the required number of classes, due to agitaions.

While delivering the verdict, the court observed that unwanted agitations was responsible for the students’ losing classes. 

The court said that nobody has the right to force a student to participate in agitations.

"Those who wish to participate in the strike can do so. However, those who do not wish to participate should not be forced to conduct strike. The teachers have the right to conduct classes on strike days. The right to study should be protected, " the court said.

As a result of the court verdict, students can register their complaint to the principal if anybody forces them to participate in strikes.

The court verdict also enables the principal to complaint to the police in such situations.