Thiruvananthapuram: The manual for organizing the School Arts Festival has been revised with a considerable increase in the score required for securing certain grades.

Besides, the scheme of giving prize money to the candidates who bag the first three places has been cancelled. Alternatively, a single time scholarship will be given to those who get ‘A’ grade. The amount of scholarship is not yet decided. Everyone who secure grades will be provided with certificates.

According to the mew manual, a candidate need to have 80 marks out of 100 to get an ‘A’ grade, 70 marks for ‘B’ grade and 60 marks for ‘C’ grade. A 10 per cent increase have been implemented in all categories. The system of giving grace marks according to the grade will be continued.

Other modifications

  • The items Kathakali Single, Ottanthullal, Folk Dance, and Mimicry included in the general category without gender based classification.
  • More writing competitions included in English, Kannada and Tamil languages.
  • The points used to give for the direction of Drama will be given for the performance, considering that adults are involved in direction.
  • More embellishments for items like Folk Dance will result in reducing the marks.
  • The results will be published in the electronic display board near the stage.
  • The students, teachers and others who attempt to mess up the programmes will be disqualified. Stringent actions will be taken against them.
  • Appeal fees has been increased by Rs 500 in each levels.
  • Green protocol will be strictly implemented.
  • No sort of fund collection is allowed except for the share of general education, higher secondary, VHSE directorates.
  • The arts fest should be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays also, to avoid missing working days.
  • The procession on the inaugural day will be avoided, as the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has directed not to make the children stand under the sun for long. Instead, the inaugural session will include cultural exchange programmes including tableaus.



As part of eliminating the complaints regarding evaluation, the judging panel will be formed in the state level. Nominations will be invited for this purpose. The judges for all levels of the fest should be selected from this panel. Nobody can be the judge for an item more than two years.

The judges in the sub-district level should not be judging the competitions in the same district. Also the judges in district levels are not allowed to judge the same item in state level in the same year. The qualification of the judges will be announced publicly before the competitions. In order to put an end to the malpractices, the judges will be given photo identity cards.