Thiruvananthapuram:  CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishan said that the hypocrisy of RSS, which speaks against violence and at the same time wields knife to kill people, was seen at the Akhil Bharthiya Pratinidhi Sabha of RSS at Coimbatore.

The resolution passed against CPM in the RSS meeting shows the angst of the RSS in not being able to gain foothold in the state, he said.

In a press release, Kodiyeri asked the Sangh Parivar to withdraw from sabotaging peace attempts.

They should stop attacking party offices, assaulting women, beating up those who visit temples wearing red dress, Kodiyeri said.

Asking the RSS leadership to absolve from violence, Kodiyeri said that RSS committed 9 murders in 9 months after the LDF came to power.

"RSS activists have killed 209 CPM activists till now. They have also killed activists of Congress, Muslim League, SDPA and Janata Dal (U).RSS is a group of murderers who will kill anybody who speaks against them. Hiding this fact, the national meet of RSS has said that is CPM who is unleashing terror in the state,” Kodiyeri said.

“RSS activists had killed CPM worker UK Kunhiraman in Thalassery. RSS had played a role in the riots that happened in Marad, Poonthura and Palakkad. RSS' aim to gain a foothold in the state by instigating communal riots is not becoming a reality due to the resistance by the Left forces,” he added.