Kottarakkara: CPI assistant secretary Prakash Babu said that the encroachments in Munnar were removed on the decision taken by the government.

Speaking to Mathrubhumi News, Prakash Babu said the government has the responsibility to provide protection to the officials who implemented the government's decision.

Prakash Babu said that the Chief Minister's wish that he should be apprised about the day-to-day matters of every department is not possible.

"The Chief Minister had said in a public function the other day that demolishing temples, mosques or cross is not the policy of the LDF government. The Chief Minister might not have received details about the demolition of the cross at that time. The government decision to remove the encroachments was taken in the meeting of Chief Minister, Revenue minister and other officials. When illegal encroachments are removed, it is necessary that the cross erected at the place should also be removed. The cross was not installed by people of Munnar or Idukki natives. The Revenue department had found the people who are responsible for installing cross and had sent notice to them. Temporary buildings were built under the cover of the cross. Such buildings were also demolished. The cross was removed as it was used as a cover for illegal encroachments. The cross is a symbol of love, pain and sacrifice. It should not be made a symbol of encroachment," Prakash Babu said.