Kochi:  The Police Complaints Authority has forwarded a letter to the DGP of Kerala regarding a case of custody torture in Kochi. The chairman of the Complaints Authority Justice Narayana Kurup stated in his letter that the khaki uniform should not be seen as a license to unleash attack against common people.  He said that the 2014 batch is known for their cruel deeds and they are a blot to the state.  The Police Authority in its complaint wanted these people to be suspended with immediate effect.

The case relates to the Harbour police arresting a school bus driver, Edakochi Kelakath Suresh, alleging a case of unnatural sex the other day.  The bus driver was brutally tortured by the police and his backbone suffered injuries thereby making him immobile. He was taken to the Ernakulam General Hospital for treatment.  Suresh was arrested by the police in a fake case and a case of unnatural sex with a 6-year-old boy was booked on him.

The boy’s father had an altercation with Suresh and it was after this the police booked a fake case against Suresh. This has been proved in the investigation.  It had also come to light that the arrest drama was enacted as the boy’s father maintained close contact with police.  Based on a complaint filed by Suresh’s family members, Justice Narayana Kurup visited the hospital and took statement from Suresh.

SI Joseph Sojan, Prakashan and the friend of the boy’s father Rajeevan had tortured Suresh in jail and inflicted deep injuries.  Hearing the news of torture, Suresh’s wife Mini rushed to the station and was shocked to see her husband battered. After Mini created a scene at the police station, Suresh was taken to hospital for treatment.

Hospital sources informed that Suresh had sustained severe injuries and Mattancherry Asst Commissioner Anirudhan visited the hospital and took statement from Suresh, after the family of Suresh filed a complaint.  The Asst Commissioner said a report on this would be sent to the city police commissioner immediately.