Chavara: Minister K Raju and Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (Milma) Chairman Kallada Ramesh had an argument of sorts on the dais during a conference here on Tuesday over the profit earned by the Federation.

During his speech, K Raju said that despite Milma receiving a profit of over Rs 60 crore, it did not pass on the benefit to the dairy farmers by increasing their remuneration. He also pointed out that Milma earned its right to decide the milk price through the court.

However, Milma Chairman, who spoke after the Minister, said the Federation could not even earn Rs 6 crore and that last year, it bought milk at a higher price than the previous years. Whenever, the price of the milk at the consumer side went up, the Federation shared the profit with the farmers, he said.

Responding to the Minister’s remarks, Ramesh said the right to fix milk price, which was achieved through the court, was actually something already held by it from long back.