Vadakara: The parents of Jishnu Pranoy, the engineering student who committed suicide inside the hostel of Pampady Nehru Engineering College, have demanded immediate arrest of those responsible for his death.

“The investigation into the case has been scuttled. If the accused in the case are not arrested, we will launch a protest in front of the Secretariat,” they said.

“Being an affluent, Nehru College chairman P Krishnadas could evade arrest. We were told that the accused would be arrested within 48 hours. When the actress was attacked in Kochi, the police nabbed the culprits within few days. However, those behind Jishnu’s death are not arrested even after 50 days,” they charged.

“The investigating officers should be allowed work freely. The Chief Minister has announced that he would pay us a visit soon. He can visit us only after the arrest of the accused,” Jishnu’s mother Mahija said.

“Many top-level authorities are protecting Krishnadas and their intervention delays his arrest. The police’s lethargic attitude has helped the accused to secure bail,” they alleged.