New Delhi: Sajeer Mangalasseri, the head of Islamic State volunteers from Kerala, is suspected to have been killed in the US air raids in Nangarhar province in Afghanisthan, the national media reported quoting intelligence agencies.

The intelligence agencies received the information in this regard from Afghanisthan and other foreign countries, media reports say.

However, diplomats are not ready to confirm the death of Sajeer, saying that neither United States nor Afghanisthan has handed over information in this regard.

Sajeer Mangalasseri

The diplomats pointed out that information related to anti-terrorist operations should be handed over officially.

The authorities have received information that US and other Afghan air force are attacking the Shadal Bazar valley now also and it is difficult to identify the dead.

Sajeer Mangalasseri Abdulla is a native of Moozhikkal in Kozhikode. After graduating in civil engineering from Kozhikode NIT, Sajeer reached Saudi Arabia seeking a job. He left for terrorist activites from Saudi Arabia.

The NIA had earlier found that it was Sajeer who recruited 21 people who went for training in IS camps in Afghanistan.