New Delhi: The state government has informed the Supreme court that there exists no situation requiring a National Investigation Agency (NIA) probe in the Hadiya case.

The police have investigated the whole aspects of the case in detail and the crime branch probe is satisfying, government said in an affidavit submitted at the court.

The state government’s stand was made clear at the apex court while considering the petition submitted by Shefin Jahan, who married Hadiya, seeking recall of its earlier order by which NIA was asked to probe whether there was a wider pattern of alleged ‘love jihad’ in the case.

If the case had required an NIA probe, it would have been informed the Centre, the written document said.

In the affidavit, it is not mentioned whether the government supports or opposes the NIA investigation. It is only said that there is no crime in the case requiring the NIA’s involvement.

It is also informed that no resistance was shown towards the NIA enquiry as there was a court order.