Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has reportedly expressed displeasure over the removal of cross installed on an encroached land in Munnar.

In this connection, the CM reprimanded the District Collector on Thursday, according to reports.

The district administration officials should have exhibited more caution. There was lack of alertness on part of the officials in dealing the issue. They should have conducted collective discussions before the eviction drive, the CM said.

Demolition is not the government’s policy. Instead, the land should be retrieved. If the district administration officials were certain that the cross was installed on government land, then they should have erected a board. , he reportedly told the collector.

The CM will hold a meeting on Friday to discuss the Munnar issue.

Meanwhile, attending a public meeting held in Kottayam, the CM said the move to demolish the cross is misconstruing.

Before making such a move, why don’t the officials think about the government. Being a religious symbol, the removal of cross may create an impression that the government is acting against a particular section, he said.