Kasaragod: Key man Vijay Bora, who detected a large pit below the tracks in Chithari in the district, has been selected by the Railways for the ‘Star of the Month’ award.

മലബാറിലെ യാത്രക്കാരെ രക്ഷിച്ച വിജയ് റെയില്‍വേയുടെ താരംVijay, a native of Jharkhand, averted a major mishap by promptly alerting the loco pilot of Malabar Express about the danger. The 28-year-old key man was out on duty at 8.50 am on April 7 when he spotted the pit, which was more than 1-meter deep.

He soon installed detonators at three different spots and put up a red flag 30 meter away from the train. As the wheels of the train passed over the detonator, it blew up with loud noise. This alerted the loco pilot who stopped the train.

Railway Divisional Manager Naresh Lalvani presented the award at a ceremony held in Palakkad.