Kottayam: Jewels- the 16 member group of teachers at BCM has thinned a little with six of the members leaving BCM. Nevertheless, the parting was an event of revelry and camaraderie with the jewels proclaiming their love for each other and BCM- their heartbeat.

The 16 member team that redefined women's empowerment and all-girl friendships is also known for their wanderlust. They visited North India sometime ago and packed their bags to Thailand last year. The team was slowly built up and the first members were Sheela Cheriyan, Nima Jacob, Mercy Mani and Jessy Simon who came to BCM for their Pre-degree courses in 1976.

The group slowly swelled when more like-minded heroines joined in the teaching segment. These women, who joined as teachers in 83-89 period are all in high positions today with Dr. Sheela becoming the principal, Dr. Josy Abraham heading the Department of Biology, Prof. Nima Jacob heading Economics, Prof. Jessy heading Chemistry and Dr. Mercy Mani and Dr. Saleenamma Joseph in the Departments of Mathematics and Biology respectively. 

Vice-Principal Sussy Philip and Teacher Josephine are still working at BCM. In the last two years six Jewel members have retired. The farewell was made a celebration by the 'new-gen' teachers who imitated the retiring hands on the stage. The style sense of Saleenamma who picked and chose the Sarees for all her teammates in the function was also widely appreciated. Walls broke down as the generations grooved to the tunes together on the stage.

The teachers while bidding goodbye reminded their young students that the responsibility to make empowerment a reality is on their shoulders. They also told their students to prudently use their opportunities and excel in their life with the opportunities they get.

Along with the jewels, Lab Assistant A C Gracy, N J Kochuthresya and UD Clerk, K J Annamma were also given a befitting farewell.