Thenmala:  A well situated on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border in Kottavasal is witness to a rare display of camaraderie between people of the two states.

As the wells of Kottavasal dried up completely due to the scorching summer, this village that lies exactly on the Kerala-TN border, is the sole resort for people on both sides of the border.

The state of Tamil Nadu starts where the perimeter of the well ends. The well situated on the side of the National Highway was built during the royal period.   

A part of Kottavasal junction is also in Tamil Nadu and people staying near the junction also take water from the well.

The water from the well fulfils the needs of the people on the Kerala side of the border also.

The well supplies water to the Karuppaswamy temple belonging to Travancore Devaswom Board. However, the bottom of the well can be seen now due to the severe drought. Only a little water is left in the well.

The cooperation between people to share this water is a unique sight. People share the water and pass their lives without any complaint.

Travellers and pedestrians who pass through the National Highway get relief by drinking water from this well.

With the dispute between Tamil Nadu and Kerala existing in the name of water sharing, the camaraderie shown by the people of Kottavasal in sharing water from the well is an example worthy of emulation.