Guruvayur: A drinking water supply project in the model of ATM counter will be launched near the North temple gate (vadakke nada) at Guruvayur. The counter will be opened during Sabarimala pilgrimage season.

A person can avail one liter of water after inserting one rupee coin at the counter. One can avail 500 liters of water in an hour.

The customer should insert the coin into the machine and place a bottle under the tap. Water will be supplied automatically through the machine.

IRTC officials who developed the machine informed that the water will be supplied according to the amount inserted into the machine.

The Drinking Water Counter will be placed in front of the destitute home neat the gate. A well in the compound will be cleaned up and water will be filled in a tank through a pipeline. The tank will be connected with the drinking water counter.

Guruvyaur Municipality Chairperson PK Santhakumari said that Kudumbasree members will be trained to oversee the counter.